Back in Los Angeles..We may have found housing!

Only been back in Los Angeles for a couple of days and we are already making money. It’s that easy if we’re here. We may have an apartment in the Central Valley, so send us good vibes and thoughts in hopes that they approve us. We “should” meet their criteria but won’t know until Thursday. […]

3 Things That Will Change The Way You Think About Homelessness

7 Things No One Tells You About Being Homeless By J.F. Sargent,  William Bonnie November 12, 2013 2,651,608 views Yes, I am starting with a CRACKED article. Despite Cracked’s abrasive tone, they usually include sources. Also, I think that comedy is essential in helping people acknowledge and digest difficult topics. This is a difficult topic. I’m also […]

Being Homeless is Expensive

Being Homeless is expensive. I’m not addressing the perceived notion that all homeless people are addicts or alcoholics, because not everyone in that situation is and not everyone who ends up that way even had those problems until after they became homeless. I am also not addressed the relatively small population of gutter punks or “travelers” […]

On being Poor/Homeless

I’ve been on both ends of the spectrum. Growing up we never wanted for anything and I got almost anything I wanted. We spent freely without really thinking about it. When I was 16, my grandmother who up to that point had taken care of my mother and me suffered a massive stroke and ended […]

Keep Moving Forward…

We are still in Newman after the holidays, for how much longer we don’t know. Til Mondays is as far as we can see. We were going to head back up to Bend for a few weeks, but we have pretty much expended our resources and it’s $300-400/week there in a hotel. While that is […]

Bawdy Freedom

What consenting adults do on their own time is their own business. That statement seems simple and rational enough at first glance, however, morality laws stemming from religion permeate laws worldwide. Nothing is straightforward when it comes to sexuality and the law. Sex is arguably one of the most basic and natural parts of human […]

Oregon Trail-An Intermission from Los Angeles

WE WILL BE POSTING UPDATES FROM OUR TRIP TO OREGON THROUGHOUT OUR WEEK HERE. Read about how we got here: Chasing Hollywood and Chasing Hollywood-Update, and donate if you want to here: 12/10/15 We made it to Bend, Oregon safely last night. We still haven’t found permanent housing and we have been looking everywhere between Orange County and […]

Update: Chasing Hollywood

Thank you so much to everyone who has shared this page or our blog page and donated. We really weren’t expecting anything from anyone but we appreciate it more than we can express. We are still safe in Newman, Ca. We have to be in Los Angeles tomorrow through Monday for appointments and so we […]

Chasing Hollywood

We arrived in Hollywood, California on October 16th after 48 hours straight of driving and stopping to rest at rest stops with 1 driver and 3 small children from Kansas City. We loaded up everything we own in our crossover SUV and came down here. Our transmission died on the way here when we stopped to grab food […]

If you knew everyone’s story, you would love them.

“If you knew everyone’s story, you would love them. You can’t really hate anyone if you know everything that happened to them between their birth and now; why they became the way they became; why they have walls up or down. If you truly know someone, you’d get it.”-Emma Stone I have been saying for […]