This really goes without saying, I know. But do you know? I’m one of the few that doesn’t seem to believe that innovation and lifestyle control should be left to the privileged few that can swing a “small” loan of a million dollars. The kind of person that goes into business for themselves is already […]

SOURCING AT MAGIC LAS VEGAS & Wholesale Shopping in Los Angeles

At Magic in Las Vegas a few days ago, sourcing potential packaging suppliers for @belladonnascupboard, future clothing & accessories for @subcultboxes & networking. #lasvegas #magiclasvegas #magicumb #sourcing #networking #work #makeithappen #thesecret #entrepreneur #alternative A post shared by Rachel Evil (Rachel Boese) (@swampophile) on Feb 26, 2017 at 8:29am PST Plus Size Wholesale sourcing, looking for […]

A Strange and Unexpected Move

We have so many crazy and exciting things we are looking forward to this year. THIS IS THE BIG UPDATE, WE’VE BEEN PROMISING TO TELL SOME OF YOU. TLDR? nah, read if you care, don’t if you don’t. We left Los Angeles early December to take a hiatus from the city for a few months. […]

Same time last year, new adventures and travel.

  We got to see both the Grand Canyon and Carlsbad Caverns last week on our travels to Texas and Kansas to see family for the holidays. We even got to see Meteor Crater since it ended up being only a couple of miles off our route. Merry Christmas to us! The kids love that we […]

Working at The 17th Door Haunted House

After working at The Beast in Kansas City for 3 years, this year Beth and I did makeup at th 17th Door in Tustin, CA. The following is from our Magazine‘s latest issue: You can read the full issue for free here. Everyone who worked there really loved being there. This haunt has an energy […]

Bacon, Blueberry Pancakes and an Energy Drink for Breakfast

21 years ago today I left my beloved New Orleans to move to Kansas following a massive flood on May 8th that destroyed much of our belongings. 18 inches of rainfall in 6 hours and my grandmother who is from Kansas was just over New Orleans after living there for more than 40 years. She […]