This is an expansion on an article that appears in our current issue of Crazy B!tch Magazine, get your FREE copy here: What is Justice? Most of us have a pretty clear idea in our minds of what that word means. Is that picture accurate? Maybe not. What is rape? Wikipedia says Rape is a […]

Bacon, Blueberry Pancakes and an Energy Drink for Breakfast

21 years ago today I left my beloved New Orleans to move to Kansas following a massive flood on May 8th that destroyed much of our belongings. 18 inches of rainfall in 6 hours and my grandmother who is from Kansas was just over New Orleans after living there for more than 40 years. She […]

Kim.. Motherfucking.. Kardashian is not a bad role model!

I have been trying so hard to bite my tongue on this one. I’ve tried to keep my opinions to myself because GOD FORBID I OFFEND SOMEONE!! Well… fuck that. Kim.. Motherfucking.. Kardashian. She’s a bad role model, right? Can someone explain to me exactly what makes her a bad role model? Hmm? Don’t worry, […]

3 Things That Will Change The Way You Think About Homelessness

7 Things No One Tells You About Being Homeless By J.F. Sargent,  William Bonnie November 12, 2013 2,651,608 views Yes, I am starting with a CRACKED article. Despite Cracked’s abrasive tone, they usually include sources. Also, I think that comedy is essential in helping people acknowledge and digest difficult topics. This is a difficult topic. I’m also […]

Being Homeless is Expensive

Being Homeless is expensive. I’m not addressing the perceived notion that all homeless people are addicts or alcoholics, because not everyone in that situation is and not everyone who ends up that way even had those problems until after they became homeless. I am also not addressed the relatively small population of gutter punks or “travelers” […]

On being Poor/Homeless

I’ve been on both ends of the spectrum. Growing up we never wanted for anything and I got almost anything I wanted. We spent freely without really thinking about it. When I was 16, my grandmother who up to that point had taken care of my mother and me suffered a massive stroke and ended […]

Bawdy Freedom

What consenting adults do on their own time is their own business. That statement seems simple and rational enough at first glance, however, morality laws stemming from religion permeate laws worldwide. Nothing is straightforward when it comes to sexuality and the law. Sex is arguably one of the most basic and natural parts of human […]