This really goes without saying, I know. But do you know? I’m one of the few that doesn’t seem to believe that innovation and lifestyle control should be left to the privileged few that can swing a “small” loan of a million dollars. The kind of person that goes into business for themselves is already […]

Working at The 17th Door Haunted House

After working at The Beast in Kansas City for 3 years, this year Beth and I did makeup at th 17th Door in Tustin, CA. The following is from our Magazine‘s latest issue: You can read the full issue for free here. Everyone who worked there really loved being there. This haunt has an energy […]

Los Angeles March for the Homeless in Hollywood 5-14-16

Last year over 1 million people moved into Los Angeles, bringing the total population in Los Angeles County to over 10 million. According to some reports, around 13,000 people in L.A. County fall into homelessness each month. According to the Institute for the Study of Homelessness and Poverty at the Weingart Center, an estimated 254,000 […]

We have an apartment!!!!!!!

We got the apartment! We got the keys! We moved in on February 22nd! We need furniture and everything, we have like nothing, but WE HAVE AN APARTMENT!!!!! It’s a 3 bedroom, In Los Angeles near Inglewood, about 30-45 minutes from Hollywood in rush hour which is a really decent commute time for L.A. PATH payed […]

Florida or California?

We were potentially heading to Florida last night. Beth has a friend in Tampa who was trying offer us a free place to stay (pending his landlord’s and roommate’s approval) until our taxes come in next week and to help us find housing out there if we gave up on California for now. If that […]

L.A. Problems/Service Dogs and Illegalities

Leaving the Union Rescue Mission, the first shelter in Los Angeles to help us AT ALL since we became homeless due to no fault of our own 6 days after arriving in Los Angeles in October. They weren’t able to accommodate our family of 6 right now because of my service dog, but they put […]

Still homeless, still searching.

We were denied the apartment in Newman. Can’t say that I’m surprised at this point, just endlessly frustrated. This is literally the first place that told us we should qualify based on their criteria. We were up front with them about everything. They simply misrepresented their criteria so we do not qualify and we wasted […]

Back in Los Angeles..We may have found housing!

Only been back in Los Angeles for a couple of days and we are already making money. It’s that easy if we’re here. We may have an apartment in the Central Valley, so send us good vibes and thoughts in hopes that they approve us. We “should” meet their criteria but won’t know until Thursday. […]

Keep Moving Forward…

We are still in Newman after the holidays, for how much longer we don’t know. Til Mondays is as far as we can see. We were going to head back up to Bend for a few weeks, but we have pretty much expended our resources and it’s $300-400/week there in a hotel. While that is […]