New year, New Ways to make money


Get $200 easy this week by downloading this app and sharing with 2o of your friends! (updated 2-13-2018)

DOSH: Get cash back for buying things you’d already buy and bonus cash for referring your friends. For any of you who may not have heard about it:
THIS IS LEGIT: WE’VE DONE IT! It’s a cash back app that pays you a percentage in cash back based on the purchases you make with the card attached. It doesn’t cost anything and you get $5 for just attaching your first card. You also get $10 for each friend you refer who signs up (after they attach a debit card, not a prepaid card) through February 19th, 2018 then the referral bonus goes back down to $5. After you have $15 in your account you can transfer it to PayPal or a bank account.

Want an easy way to make $1000 this month from just downloading an app AND helping you and your friends start better money saving habits in the new year????
RIGHT NOW, Acorns is offering a $1000 bonus, that’s FREE MONEY into your savings
(which you can also cash out at any time)
when you refer 12 friends before March, 2018.
You get the referral credit once your friend signs up for their first recurring investment of $5 or more, but Acorns also gives you $5 free for just signing up and setting that up. It’s completely safe, well reviewed (GOOGLE IT, DON’T JUST TRUST ME, IT’S LEGIT!) and you can cancel that recurring investment after January 31st and your friend still gets the credit if you really can’t afford to part with $5 residually. If you can, then keep the saving going. You also have the option to use the app to automatically round up your spending to the nearest $1 amount and put that into savings. It’s legitimately a really useful tool and if you just want to make money on the referrals, you can cash out those savings (and earnings) to your bank account at any time.

Sign up here :

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