Ivan with the T-Rex named Ivan. The largest complete T-Rex skeleton ever found.

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Ivan next to Ivan’s Femur

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The kids are thrilled to be living here. @magical_magestic_unicorn

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Where we live:

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^The haunt we have been doing makeup at this year since we got here while booking other gigs and getting back into the swing of things.

Starting a small business & bootstrapping via slow growth with your extra cash at the end of the month is one thing if you live above the poverty line and actually have ANY AMOUNT of discretionary income in your budget. It’s another thing entirely when you turn to working for yourself because of a disability that prevents you from conventional gainful employment but somehow still empowers you with the ambition to rise above and claw your way out of poverty. Not to impune anyone’s experiences by any means. Starting a small business and working for yourself is a monumental task for anyone. Our experiences however, have been the latter. I’m not telling you this for sympathy or to make excuses. On the contrary, but this IS our story. This is how we got to where we are. Childhood traumas. Homeless repeatedly. Autistic. Severe mental illness. Financial struggles. From not being able to scrape together $10, from not eating for days at a time, to constantly having to worry about if we are going to make enough to keep a roof over our heads to finally being able to mostly support ourselves with our work from home businesses. We are almost there and we are growing. We are so thankful for everyone and everything that’s been a part of our journey, good/bad, setbacks/triumphs, struggles/successes, support & discouragement, because without every single part of it we would not be here today and we would not be able to bring the same things to the table. We are all shaped by our experiences. It’s what we do with them and the choices we make in spite of them, that make us who we are.

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