This Indie Makeup Brand is giving Kat Von D a run for her money. 

Kat Von D has recently taken the makeup world by storm with her newest release; her Alchemist Holographic Palette. Boasting shades with duo-chrome colors and multiple uses, makeup lovers are captivated. This Indie Brand has always placed alchemy and makeup formulation together and now has a highlighter palette with more shades and more uses than Kat’s new coveted palette.  

Belladonna’s Cupboard began formulation and research in 2011, so around the same time that Kat Von D began formulating this 7 years in the making palette. When Belladonna’s Cupboard launched their first round of products in 2014, the emphasis on alchemy was heavy. Belladonna’s Cupboard is an independent cosmetics line founded in Kansas City, and is now based out of Los Angeles, CA & Wichita, KS. The name itself stirs imagery of alchemy and magic. Belladonna refers both to Deadly Nightshade, also known as Belladonna, and the phrase Bella Donna which in Italian, means beautiful woman. In true alchemic fashion, with “kitchen chemistry”, the handmade products have moved beyond the norm for cosmetic formulations resulting in a line of cosmetics as versatile as it is stylized. The line caters specifically to performers. All of the products are designed with the unique needs of touring musicians, pinup models and burlesque dancers in  mind. The pigments are long lasting and hyper pigmented.

This limited edition release, MOON MAGICK Highlighter set has 12 gorgeous, iridescent, and transformative highlighter shades as well as a 13th item, a Lip Gloss that changes colors when worn over different bases. All of these colors look drastically different alone, on different skin types and take on completely new vivid hues worn over black. What’s better is you’re getting 12 different shades and the lip gloss pot for only $50 compared with Kat’s 4 shades for $32 which is sold out almost everywhere.

Makeup is a tool for self-expression. Too often, choices are limited because of price and availability. It is rare to find quality makeup that caters to alternative looks at affordable prices. It is even harder to find cruelty free and vegan brands that cater to these styles. These bold trends are cornered in the cosmetics industry by high prices and boutiques. The Belladonna’s Cupboard girls, Rachel and Beth have spent years working in haunted houses and on horror films and alongside musicians and burlesque performers to develop and improve their products. Their makeup is already worn by performers all over the world, some examples include Dan Sperry Anti-Conjuror, Shelly d’Inferno & Kimberly Freeman of One-Eyed Doll. They also offer free online Special Effects and Basic to Advanced makeup lessons on our website. Check out this ethereal new palette and their FREE ONLINE MAKEUP CLASSES at With their online classes and videos, you can learn how to transform yourself too with these magical shades.

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