So, our car just died died.

The timing chain. We knew it was coming. I was just really hoping it would wait until I got my tax refund back. It’s a $2500 fix minimum, can’t be done outside of a shop. I’ve talked to all of our mechanic friends about it and the whole engine has to come out so it’s not a DIY thing. It’s normal for these cars between 130k and 150k miles and we are over 150k. The struggle is, it probably makes more sense to just get another car asap. Our credit is shit and we won’t qualify for another car loan since we still owe money on this one, but we can probably buy one outright when our taxes come back. We still owe $17,000 on this car, we’ve already paid $17,000 on it, it’s only worth $17,000 and the car loan was for $23,000. Because the interest rate is so high (because our credit is so bad) we’ve only been paying interest on it for 2 years. BECAUSE HAVING BAD CREDIT AND BEING POOR IS EXPENSIVE. The problem is, we need something that seats at least 6, this SUV seats 8, because there’s 6 of us. We also need something that can reliably drive 3-4Kmiles per month because that’s what we do (we work for ourselves and travel and the ability to drive to and from different cities is part of what helps us earn money) It was closer to 3k/month in KC and closer to 4K/month in Los Angeles and it needs to be able to go across the country and back over and over. There’s 6 of us so driving is waaaay cheaper than flying. So, we can’t just get a cheap car.
Fortunately, Ivan’s school is only a few blocks away and we just bought a ton of groceries. The Post Office does pickups and it’s not too far if we have to walk either, so we can still get orders out no problem. We mentioned before we knew this was coming and it’s one of many reasons we decided to settle in Wichita for a year or two (also so we can really buckle down and focus on building the businesses and work on our credit and improving our station without distractions) instead of just heading to Oregon like we had planned to.

SOOOO, we really need to make money. It’s going to be expensive to get by with Uber (as rarely as humanly possible) and walking and I’m not sure how much my tax refund will cover for another vehicle for sure yet when we do get it. If you happen to know of anyone or where to get a car, we are open to suggestions, but know: buy here/pay here places aren’t an option since I don’t have a license (because of almost 10 year old traffic fines that I owe thousands of dollars in interest on-and keep paying on but they keep getting bigger & Kansas Laws suck & discriminate against people of low income) and Logan is a Stay at Home dad. All the income is in my name. We ran into this problem for 2 years trying to buy a car. Also, a traditional car loan is probably not an option because of our credit and we will likely have to default on this outrageously high interest car loan we are already in. Third, we don’t have the money right now, obviously, so stuff posted for sale on Craigslist or in groups is probably not gonna help because it’ll be 3-4 weeks minimum most likely before we can get a car.

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