Night Terrors-Like Pokemon Go for Horror-but it came first!

This is amazing!…/night-terrors-augmented-reality… This game needs to happen, share it around and help them out so this can make it to the market! It’s similar to Pokemon-Go because it’s also an augmented reality game, but it was actually announced before Pokemon-Go was announced and is slated for release after because they are independent game developers, not as big as the guns behind Poke’mon.

Developers Novum Analytics mention in a post on their Facebook page ( Novum Analytics ) that the game will be out around Halloween.In the same post, they note the development process hasn’t been that easy. They say this stretch of the development cycle, the lead-up to the release, will be “one of the tougher times we’ve faced as a company.” Revealing they’ve had investment deals fall through in the past year, they’re currently regrouping, trying to build up interest for the game again, and hopefully get more hands on board.


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