2 people I deeply cared for and had a tremendous amount of respect for passed away last week.

2 people I deeply cared for and had a tremendous amount of respect for passed away last week. John Christopher Beckman on Monday and Ruben Velasco on Tuesday.

Ruben was incredibly talented, successful, well loved and fought an incredibly long and difficult battle with cancer and lost last week. He is greatly missed by many. As many have said now, some of the great musicians who have passed recently must have needed a guitar tech in heaven. I only wish we had been able to see him more after we moved here. I met Ruben through Beth Amphetamine when we went to see him at a Rick Springfield show in Kansas City.

John, however, may have been the smartest person I’ve ever known. A classically trained artist, computer scientist for 30+ years, he knew extensively of the world and studied everything. He had an innate grasp of engineering and advanced mathematics and was passionate and goal oriented and enjoyed several lucrative positions throughout his life. His children and grandkids were the absolute world to him. His son, was with him when he died, so he wasn’t alone. It sounds like he found a lot of closure near the end. A heart attack. He and I continued to speak over the years. We got each other in a way. Recently, we talked a lot because he found himself in a situation that was really stressful because of pursuing his dreams, many of which never materialized before he died and I did something similar when we moved to California and ended up homeless for 4 months but we made it past that and are back on track and living in L.A. now. I can’t imagine him giving up, but I know he felt tired and incredibly guilty and all he wanted was to continue to provide for his family and excel in life. My heart breaks for his fear and for his dreams that never came true. This has weighed on me heavily in the last week as I think about him and our recent conversations often. His death was sudden and came as a shock to all around him.

If you got this far on my post, let this be a reminder to you that we are all dying and we do not know when we will breathe our last breath. Hold your loved ones close, spend time with your family, pursue your dreams. If you aren’t happy, reevaluate your life. You only get one. Live. Be present. Be grateful. With love. ❤️

May these two amazing gentlemen rest in peace.

Rick Springfield also set up this memorial fund for Ruben, so I’m sharing it here:

“Ruben was a HUGE cat lover and his favorite animal charity, Fur & Feather Animal Sanctuary, is dedicated to keeping Ruben ALIVE in all our hearts!!! His family has asked that you continue to honor him by donating to his favorite charity,  Fur & Feather Animal Sanctuary, here on this page in his honor ~ Your donations will help his legacy stay alive~

Ruben also had wanted a 4th cat and we remembered when a very tiny little Russian Blue kitten came in – All his cats are named GOO, BOO & MEW so this little girl is ROO~

We will announce wonderful things to happen in the next few months in celebration of Ruben and his kind and caring life~

Rock on Ruben!
The Sanctuary & Rick Springfield”


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