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We released our first issue in February while we were temporarily homeless after moving to Los Angeles for new opportunities and access to a network that will allow us to grow our businesses (full story of what happened in our other posts starting with :
Our Makeup Line: Belladonna’s Cupboard
Our Subscribtion Boxes: Bitch Box & Crazy Kids Box

We Support ‪#‎selfexpressionrevolution‬, the crazy idea that all people, regardless of age, race, personal style (including tattoos & piercings) disability status, gender, sexuality or size deserve respect and should be able to express themselves without stigma.

Crazy Bitches are strong, outgoing, independent and entrepreneurial individuals. Crazy Bitch Magazine is here to give a voice to the stories that need to be told but many magazines are afraid to publish. We work with behind the scenes insiders in the makeup, fashion, burlesque, music and film worlds to bring you info for breaking out and making an impact and a heads up on who to watch out for in an up and coming way. We also wish to spread awareness and encourage any subjects pertaining to #selfexpressionrevolution

Release Date/Submission & Advertising Due Date
-2.June 31st (June 15th)
-3.August 15th (August 1st)
-4.October 1st (September 15th)
-5.November 15th (October 1st)

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