We have an apartment!!!!!!!

We got the apartment! We got the keys! We moved in on February 22nd! We need furniture and everything, we have like nothing, but WE HAVE AN APARTMENT!!!!! It’s a 3 bedroom, In Los Angeles near Inglewood, about 30-45 minutes from Hollywood in rush hour which is a really decent commute time for L.A.

PATH payed 2 months worth of a deposit, the first month’s rent and will pay at least 80% of the 2nd month and 70% of the 3rd month. We don’t have to worry about paying a full month of rent until June. We were given a bed by a friend tonight. The landlord really didn’t want to rent to us, even though we have stable income because of our poor credit. He normally only rents to people with section 8 because it’s guaranteed rent from the government, but our PATH caseworker really talked him into it. We are so grateful! We can finally resume the businesses and start back up at school in March. We are so happy! This happened exactly 4 months to the day, after we were illegally kicked out of the apartment we rented in West Hollywood 6 days after getting to California. We have been incredibly fortunate every step of the way, all things considered. Thank you to everyone who has showed us support. We love you all! 

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