Still homeless, still searching.

We were denied the apartment in Newman. Can’t say that I’m surprised at this point, just endlessly frustrated. This is literally the first place that told us we should qualify based on their criteria. We were up front with them about everything. They simply misrepresented their criteria so we do not qualify and we wasted $60 on applying.

We finally connected (after 3 months of calling) to the Family Solutions Center and PATH in L.A. And they say they can get us hotel vouchers (that actually cover the full cost of a hotel not just $400/week towards it) for a month or two and they promise to connect us with landlords that have a history of specifically working with their program despite pretty much everyone in their program (it’s through a homeless shelter) having bad credit and/or criminal history. Neither is immediate or for sure, it will likely be a couple of weeks before we can get an appointment to even get the vouchers or get them started looking for places for us, but this is the first homeless program we have been able to even meet with around Los Angeles despite our months of calling daily, like the guy told us there, emergency shelters in Los Angeles aren’t for emergencies, there’s so many homeless in L.A. that “emergency” shelters take over 6 months to get into and many don’t qualify. We have spent so much more money to stay off the streets than it would cost for even some higher cost apartments in Los Angeles. Being housed would be so much cheaper and we have receipts to prove it. Why can’t landlords look at that and base their decision on that instead of our credit? Rent and the ability to cook in a kitchen is so much cheaper than being homeless. Apparently what happened to us is common, people move to Los Angeles from out of state or out of the country, pay up front for a place and arrive to find that It doesn’t exist. We also know people who can afford to pay an entire years worth of rent up front in cash and still get denied for an apartment based on credit. We’ve also met others who ended up in the exact same situation we landed ourselves in, in an illegal sublet without knowing it and kicked out without notice and without getting our money back. The sad thing is, we have stable income and have no problem producing more of it, way more than anywhere else we have lived when we are in Los Angeles. I’m not ready to give up yet. Los Angeles has so much more opportunity than the Midwest and that makes it worth it.


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