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We are still in Newman after the holidays, for how much longer we don’t know. Til Mondays is as far as we can see. We were going to head back up to Bend for a few weeks, but we have pretty much expended our resources and it’s $300-400/week there in a hotel. While that is still half as expensive as the absolutely cheapest places we can find in Los Angeles, we still have to pay our car payment, insurance, phone bill and that’s over $1000/month on it’s own. Because we have no idea where we will be from week to week or sometimes day to day, we can’t get traditional jobs and Logan can’t go back to driving for Uber until we can find a place and afford to get our tags switched to California. We’ve had to close up shop for Belladonna’s Cupboard until we get moved into a permanent place. We have plans and gears in motion to relaunch in the spring bigger and better than ever. Like everything else, it’s just a matter of getting there. It sucks because we finally reached a point with sales where the business was picking up and able to support us, but we can’t make product when we are moving around week to week or in hotel rooms. We are continuing to work on ventures that can bring us in income from where-ever we are and generally just trying everything we can think of (not giving up!).  We are postponing our school until March instead of January. We still haven’t been able to find a family shelter with space to take us but we keep calling anyway.  Our family in Newman is risking eviction every day we continue to sleep on the floor here. We have applied for dozens of houses and apartments, we are repeatedly denied because of credit. Credit that is bad because of life, not because of consumer debt. We have no consumer debt, no evictions, no credit cards, but lots of medical bills, student loans and yes utilities (because life). We are pushing forward. We aren’t going to give up, but the uncertainty is wearing on us. We have a place in Los Angeles lined up to rent from a friend downtown, but it’s not available until the end of February. We just have to make it until then. Anything helps. We are also continuing to look and apply for housing that is available sooner although, thus far, we haven’t had any luck. We appreciate absolutely everyone who has helped, listened to us bitch, told us not to go back to Kansas City and just generally been there for us. We aren’t sleeping on the streets, we aren’t sleeping the car, the kids got to have Christmas and we are all fed. We are truly blessed. Thank you all. We love you.

We are still accepting donations on our GoFundMe for any who are inclined:

If you’d rather help by supporting our entrepreneurial endeavors,

We also just launched our new travel site, Mystere. Sometime today or tomorrow we will start taking pre-orders for the first Gothic Inspired Travel Tour in Italy to happen later this year.Mystere

And we JUST opened up our 2 new subscription boxes for PRE ORDER as well, Bitch Box & Crazy Kids Box. 


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