Update: Chasing Hollywood

Thank you so much to everyone who has shared this page or our blog page and donated. We really weren’t expecting anything from anyone but we appreciate it more than we can express. We are still safe in Newman, Ca. We have to be in Los Angeles tomorrow through Monday for appointments and so we can do some more mystery shops for money. They take a few weeks to pay but we can do them while being transient and anything helps. We got approved for 2 different houses (they don’t care as much about credit in the Central Valley) up here in this area, but aren’t sure we will be able to secure them in time since there are other applicants with a deposit and first month’s rent. I received a larger Social Security payment than expected this month because apparently they had been underpaying me for a year and it would have been enough to get us into a place but we still owed money for the rental car we had to get to survive before we got our car back and boom as soon as I got that money this morning, $1200 gone and the bank and paypal both refuse to do anything even though we had worked other arrangments to pay them off. I am filing a dispute but it could take 90 days. So close, yet so far away. We are going to keep pushing and do what we can to either make that much money back as fast as possible or find another house we can get into as soon as we can and just hope we hage the funds ready by then. We are on borrowed time, but we have safe places to sleep secured until at least Monday and we are very thankful for that. One day at a time. We will just keep moving forward.


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