Oregon Trail-An Intermission from Los Angeles


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We made it to Bend, Oregon safely last night. We still haven’t found permanent housing and we have been looking everywhere between Orange County and Sacramento. After this week, we have places stay lined up until the 1st but it was literally cheaper to travel to Oregon for a week and stay in a hotel and visit friends and family up here than it would have been to stay in the absolute cheapest hotel we found in L.A. Right outside of Compton. We stayed there before, no thank you. Violence and hard drugs everywhere. Not with the kids if we can help it.

Today we are going to go see the Paulina Lava Flow.


So, The Lava Flow was inaccessible due to the snow. Instead we went to Boyd Cave and discovered an abandoned half burned down cabin in the woods. The next day we went to the Dechutes History Museum. Yesterday we ended up taking the kids to go see Santa in the Old Mill District of Bend and then to an old fashioned arcade with unlimited play for $5, free for kids.

Tomorrow, we go to Portland for at least tomorrow and tomorrow night and during the day on Tuesday. We might go to Eugene for a night after that. We will be heading back down to Los Angeles on Thursday. We have appointments that will hopefully help us find us a place to stay for the first 3 weeks of January. So far every single place we have applied to has either denied us or gone with someone else. We’ve had repeated problems with our bank this week that we hopefully finally have sorted out. Unauthorized charges and such and we are still waiting to get some of our money back. We have a place lined up that we can move into the end of February and it’s perfect, we just have to make it til then. We are doing everything we can to spend less money than we have to in our situation while still making it as much of an adventure as possible for us and the kids. Being homeless in expensive. I just keep thinking that maybe things will work out better in the long run this way, we just have to keep working hard and make it work. After we go back to L.A. we have places to stay lined up until January first. Gain told me on the phone they were mailing me an appointment in the next 10-14 business days, apparently they only meant that we would get the appointment date by then not have the appointment by then because that appointment is on the 23rd, but hopefully they can help us with a hotel for a couple of weeks in January. It’s best if we can stay in L.A. until at least January 24th so we can reap the networking and business benefits of IMATS L.A. and NAMM. From that point our plan (if we cannot secure permanent housing before then, we are going to keep trying to regardless) is to travel for a month and visit family in Texas, friends in New Orleans, Family and Friends in Florida, the northeast and NYC and then visit Kansas City briefly before coming back to move into the apartment that becomes available at the end of February. We have already found that traveling is cheaper than hotel living in Los Angeles and we can take the opportunity to pitch Belladonna’s Cupboard makeup to stores and get some wholesale orders lined up. It’ll be the New Year and a lot of businesses place seasonal (Halloween-XMAS) orders between January and May. The beginning of the year is a normal time for getting new inventory for the year anyway.

Speaking of Belladonna’s Cupboard,

RIGHT NOW ALL PIGMENTS ARE 50% OFF! We are only taking orders until the 20th then we are taking a hiatus and closing up shop until after the New Year. We will be doing a HUGE RELAUNCH bigger and better than ever so stay tuned. After all of the chaos in October, we are still looking for a new home base.


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